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The YPG publishes a quarterly newsletter intended to provide updates on events, issues and news of interest to young professionals working in ACEC British Columbia member companies.  

Members are notified by email of new releases of this newsletter.  If you'd like to be on the email notification list - create a login account, or sign in to your existing account, and update your email preferences. 

New! YPG Spotlight Article

Do you know of a Young Professional who has contributed to the consulting engineering community? Or has completed some pretty cool projects, and their innovative style should not go unnoticed?

We would love to feature these individuals in an upcoming YP newsletter edition. Just send us their name, company name and a short outline (250 words max) describing their studies, highlights of an interesting past project (or two), and what they are working on now, and email the info to jchiu@mcelhanney.com and Gabriene.Kaechele@parsons.com to consider for the next issue. Click here for a sample article.

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  The Fall 2016 edition includes:

  • ACEC-BC YPG Regional Group Updates
  • 2016 ACEC Canada Summit and National Convention
  • 2016 ACEC-BC Board Retreat
  • Article: 2016 Changes to Mortgage Lending Rules will Affect Young Professionals
  • YP of the Quarter

Fall 2016 Newsletter


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