About ACEC British Columbia

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia, (ACEC-BC) formerly known as the Consulting Engineers of BC (CEBC), is British Columbia's provincial association of engineering consulting firms.  ACEC-BC represents 90 of BC's consulting engineering companies that provide engineering and other technology-based intellectual services to the public and private sectors.

ACEC-BC  firms employ over 9,900 people in British Columbia comprised of a workforce of engineers, geoscientists, technicians, technologists and other support staff.  Nationally, over 100,000 Canadians owe their livelihood directly to the business of consulting engineering. The consulting engineering business contributes some $3.6 billion in annual revenue to the BC economy, much of it earned from clients based outside of the Province of BC. These are revenues that would not find their way to the Province of BC if it were not for the excellent reputation of the BC consulting engineering industry.

Consulting engineering is at the centre of BC's Knowledge Economy. The Knowledge Economy is the source of high value employment, supporting a broad array of business spinoff.  A healthy BC consulting engineering industry is critical to building this future economic foundation of British Columbia.