Client of the Year Award

City of Surrey

This year’s recipient of the ACEC-BC Client of the Year Award is the City of Surrey.

The City of Surrey’s progressive and communicative approach to its relationship with the consulting engineering community has resulted in delivery of excellent transportation and community development projects with the help of their consultants for the last 40 years. The City actively engages with the consulting community at large through ACEC-BC mixer events, which gives an opportunity to share their upcoming projects and capital spending budget.

The City is very communicative with consultants, fostering excellent working relationships. The City fosters a collaborative environment by actively seeking feedback from the consulting industry, most recently their 2016 Engineering Design Criteria Manual Update and 2016 Engineering – Surrey Consultant Agreement, for which 25 engineering firms provided feedback. In addition, the City also held a group discussion with consultants on their RFP process, and incorporated the suggestions in their RFP process, demonstrating their commitment to improving the effectiveness of their processes and procedures.

For consultant procurement, the City employs a unique approach that begins with an open prequalification system; advance notice of upcoming capital projects, allowing consultants to plan ahead; issuing of Expressions of Interest to shortlisted consultants, and a robust consultant evaluation system. Furthermore, no more than three consultants are solicited for proposal call opportunities.

The City is very effective in delivering RFPs with clearly defined scope. In cases where there is a need to add more work to the scope, the City carries reasonable contingencies, and issues a request for an updated fee.

The City uses a very fair MMCD-based professional services agreement, and regularly refines this to incorporate feedback and suggestions from the consulting community. Risk is fairly allocated, with professional liability insurance requirements typically ranging from $1 million to $3 million.

The City of Surrey is exemplary with regard to client best-practices, and they are a worthy recipient of this year’s Client of the Year Award.

About the Client of the Year Award

This award recognizes the most outstanding Clients of ACEC-BC members, and promotes and encourages best practices by Clients. 

Previous Recipients of the Client of the Year Award

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