Meritorious Achievement Award

Call for Nominations

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Nominations are being accepted for the 2019 ACEC-BC Meritorious Achievement Award, to recognize and celebrate an individual consulting  engineer who has contributed significantly to engineering, the development of the industry and the community.

More details about eligibility and submission requirements can be found in the Meritorious Achievement Award Call for Nomations.

The deadline for nomations is January 18, 2019.


Previous Recipients of the Meritorious Achievement Award

2018 Ahmet (Met) Ulker, P.Eng., FEC, LEED BC+C
2017 Doug Hinton, P.Eng.
2016 Kerry Rudd, P.Eng., C.Eng., FICE
2015 John Collings, P.Eng.
2014 Brian Johnson, P.Eng.
2013 John Watson, P.Eng., FEC
2012 Chris Newcomb, P.Eng.
2011 Neil Cumming, FACI, P.Eng
2010 Ian Hargreaves, P.Eng
2009 Terry McQuillan
2008 Phil Seabrook, P.Eng FEC
2007 Ernest Portfors, P.Eng
2006 Peter Buckland, P.Eng. and Peter Taylor, P.Eng.
2005 Russell Fraser, QC, P.Eng
2004 Bob Brocklebank, P.Eng
2003 Frank Leighton, P.Eng
2002 Earle Klohn, P.Eng
2001 Tom Simons, P.Eng