Charter of Membership

A Consulting Engineer is a professional adviser who provides engineering and other technology-based services. The role of the Consulting Engineer is to put expert knowledge at the disposal of the Client, and to serve the Client’s interests acting in good faith. The relationship between the client and the Consulting Engineer is based on mutual trust, respect, cooperation and fairness.

ACEC-BC provides industry with leadership to build a positive business environment and serves society by promoting the engineering industry as a catalyst for the application of technology, improved quality of life, economic growth and wealth generation.

ACEC-BC’s vision is to build a strong consulting engineering industry, providing value and quality to society.

In order to create a strong engineering industry and a positive business environment, ACEC-BC must be the united voice that speaks for the industry, and must foster a high level of unity and trust among its member firms.

In recognition of this goal, we, the undersigned as Managing Principals of the member firms of ACEC-BC, acknowledge the need to respect our relationships with each other. By affixing our signatures to this Charter, we affirm that membership in ACEC-BC is important to us and that our
companies will uphold the ACEC-BC Code of Ethics for Consulting Practice in British Columbia and the following principles.

  1. Our company will support ACEC-BC through participation in its activities and adherence to its principles and policies.
  2. Our company will relate to other members of ACEC-BC with integrity, and in a manner that will enhance the stature of consulting engineering, and the profession in general.
  3. Our company will respect the majority view of ACEC-BC as expressed by its Board of Directors for the greater good of the industry.
  4. Our company will not impugn the reputation or business of others.
  5. Our company will actively encourage the selection of consultants based on qualifications.
  6. Our company will offer its services at a price that reflects the value of the service, taking guidance from the ACEC-BC/APEGBC Fee Guidelines for Engineering Services.
  7. Our company will respect the clientele of other members of ACEC-BC and will not attempt to supplant them when definite steps have been taken for their engagement.
  8. When partnering for projects, our company will endeavour to select from other qualified ACEC-BC firms, and will follow the principles of qualification based selection and value based fees.

By upholding these principles, we will create a strong consulting engineering industry better able to serve the needs of our clients.

Signed in Vancouver by the Senior BC Managing Principals of the 90 member companies of ACEC-BC.

June, 2005