Presentation to the Review of the Professional Reliance Model of the Natural Resource Sector

On January 11, 2018 ACEC-BC provided its written submission to the review of the Professional Reliance Model of the natural resource sector in British Columbia, supporting the use of the model on the basis of:

  1. Qualified Professionals are retained to undertake the services using a Qualification Based Selection approach.
  2. Industry standard agreements are used.
  3. The client engaging the Qualified Professional for reliance must meet the criteria of being a knowledgeable client.
  4. EGBC Corporate Regulation being put in place to provide oversight of Professional Corporate entities utilized to execute regulation in the same manner as individuals.
  5. It is irrelevant where the contractual relationship lies as long as the professional responsibilities are clear and the resources (funding and qualifications) are available to meet the responsibilities.

Learn more about the government's review here.

Presentation to Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

On September 18, 2014 ACEC-BC Chair Catherine Fritter, P.Eng., and President Keith Sashaw made a presentation to the 2014 Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services.  ACEC-BC also provided a detailed written submission, outlining a number of key issues of importance to the consulting engineering industry, and BC's economic future.

Ultimate Limitation Period (ULP)

ACEC British Columbia has lobbied for many years to reduce the ULP from 30 years to 10 years, and to amend the BC Limitation Act to clearly define the start time as the date on which the alleged act or omission occurred.  Legislation has recently been introduced by the Government of British Columbia - read about it in our news release.

New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA)

In June 2011, ACEC British Columbia members signed a Memorandum of Agreement outlining our position on the NWPTA, and the negative impact it has had on procurement and the use of QBS in our industry - in BC and in all of the signatory provinces.  The Memorandum of Agreement makes the following recommendations to government:

  1. Provide an exemption for professional engineering services from the procurement provisions
    of the NWPTA, just as they are exempt from the Agreement on Internal Trade, and just as the
    legal profession is exempt from NWPTA.
  2. Recognising that exemption may take time to achieve, issue an interpretation bulletin to mandate
    the implementation of QBS for all government procurement, and facilitate a process of
    short-listing that eliminates the onerous limitations imposed by current interpretations of