Contract Language

Standard Form Agreements

There are a number of standard form agreements that serve as models of equitable, balanced contract language.  ACEC British Columbia strongly endorses use of the following documents:

A number of other standard contracts, guidelines and related documents are available on the ACEC Publications page.

Contract Language Management Plan

The purpose of the Contract Language Management Plan is to provide ACEC British Columbia members with a guide to developing the appropriate contractual agreement between the Client and the Consultant.

Position Papers on Key Contractual Issues

Developed by the ACEC-BC Business Practice Committee, these position papers provide guidance on key contractual issues commonly encountered by consulting engineers.

Intellectual Property Guidelines

Guidelines IP_thumb
Intellectual Property Guidelines (2009)

The purpose of this document is to provide a resource to Consultants in the area of intellectual property protection. These guidelines can be used in developing project agreements with Clients.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability policies are designed for a specific risk - the risk of loss caused by the negligent performance of professional services by design consultants. Developed by ENCON Group with support from BFL CANADA Insurance Services Inc and ACEC-BC staff, this bulletin is aimed at helping clients understand the nuances of professional liability coverage.