Human Resources

ACEC-BC Human Resources Committee

In 2016, ACEC-BC established a Human Resources Committee to provide a forum for the exchange of information about issues involving employees in the consulting engineering sector. The Committee's work addresses current and emerging issues, including:

  • recruitment and retention of valuable skills and abilities
  • development of innovative solutions to dealing with anticipated skill shortages facing members of ACEC-BC
  • assessment of Labour Market information relative to member issues and emerging trends,
  • working with the Professional Development Committee, identification and promotion of learning opportunities and training initiatives that would be of benefit to members and their employees, and
  • working with the YPG, encouragement of students to enter the profession and monitoring retention initiatives.

Below are a list of documents that the HR Committee suggests as resources for ACEC-BC members:

Grant Funding List Document

Co-Op Programs

Bulletin: New Provincial Employer Health Tax

July 2018

The B.C. Government recently made significant changes to the manner in which the Medical Services Plan is financed. These changes will impact members of ACEC-BC.

The Government’s first step included cutting MSP premiums by 50%, starting Jan. 1, 2018, and increasing the threshold for premium assistance by $2,000.

The Province is replacing the revenues from MSP premiums with an employer health tax.  Because payroll costs are usually the largest expense item for consulting engineering firms, accounting for up to 50% of expenses, this will have a significant impact on most firms.

ACEC-BC has issued a bulletin providing more information about the new employer health tax, and how this may affect your firm:

Bulletin: New Provincial Employer Health Tax