ACEC-BC meets with TransLink senior management

Thursday, February 1, 2018

On February 1st, representatives of ACECBC meet with Kevin Desmond and members of his management team from Translink to discuss comments made by Dennis Corrigan regarding the delivery of the three major Translink projects (Broadway extension, Pattullo Replacement, Surrey LRT).  Since the conversation, the Mayors Council has agreed unanimously to proceed with the 10 year plan, which includes all three projects.

It was noted that assuming the federal and provincial funding commitments are solid, there remains about $65 million that needs to be identified.  These funds could come from a myriad of sources such as increases to property taxes, Development Cost Charges. Vehicle registrations, gas taxes, ride hailing taxes, etc.  It is likely the funds will come from a multitude of sources.  

The timing for next steps is an announcement in the March/April and the plan to go forward announced in May.

ACEC-BC advised that it would continue to advocate for a clear decision by the funding partners, and to provide rationale as to why this is so important to the region to raise the required funding.  A strong transportation system is required to attract business and ensure a livable region.  It will also be important to stress the importance of accessing funding from other levels of government.  It will be important to promote the need for increased funding, which will mean increased taxes in some form.

It was noted that the Mayors Council is working through their strategic plan on future transportation and transit options.

In its conversations with the Province ACEC-BC will encourage the Province to collaborate with Translink and the Mayors Council on transportation projects that impact the region.

The meeting was part of the on-going dialogue that ACEC-BC has developed with TransLink.

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