ACEC-BC Members in the Community: Pia Abercromby & Selina Fong

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Building a Bridge

ACEC-BC Members in the Community: Pia Abercromby & Selina Fong - The Experience Behind Building a Bridge

In June 2019, McElhanney joined forces with the not-for-profit group Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) to help a community in Kibembe, Uganda. Pia Abercromby and Selina Fong from McElhanney traveled from Vancouver, Canada accompanied by an all-female team of volunteers to help build a pedestrian bridge across the Sironko River in Kibembe. This is the first time Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) has undertaken an all-female build, aimed to change people’s perspective of the roles women can take in construction. Pia Abercromby said “on the 28th of June, after two weeks of long, hot days and hard, physical work, we were rewarded by unveiling the completed bridge to the community at an inauguration ceremony. Hundreds of people came to the site for the ceremony, where songs, plays, and dances were interspersed with speeches by government, B2P, and industry group representatives. The community now has safe, reliable access to schools, a medical centre, and a market, and is very proud of the bridge.”

Kudos to Pia Abercromby, Selina Fong, and the rest of the team for being a part of this great initiative!

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