Engineers and Geoscientists BC Council Elections

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Voting is officially open for the 2019 Engineers & Geoscientists BC (EGBC) Council elections. Registrants – P.Eng, P.Geo and Eng.L – have until October 4, 2019 to vote on the

Did you know…

Typically, less than 20% of eligible members vote in the Council elections!? This means that the choices made by members who vote are amplified. The short story is that each vote is important!

But all the candidates are great…

True! And that makes it tough to choose. There are some big challenges facing the professions, and a lot to consider. That’s why we’ve developed this list of top 4 things to consider when voting:

1) BC is developing new regulations for engineering and geoscience practice.

Regulation of engineering and geoscience practice is changing as a result of the Professional Governance Act. The following areas are particularly important to the consulting engineering industry:

  • the regulation of companies
  • compliance and administration of declarations
  • extension of practice rights to other practitioners

 2) Our professions need diverse voices. 

Diversity in the professions is not only desirable to support capacity, but it’s critical to protecting the public interest. EGBC is advancing on key initiatives to support increased participation of women in the professions through the 30x30 program, and as a partner with ACEC-BC and ASTTBC in the Advancing Women in Engineering and Technology project. Additionally, EGBC is committed to reconciliation. With the support of Council, the association has developed a pilot program to increase engagement of indigenous people in the professions and considering adoption of reconciliation principles in practice guidelines.

 3) There are various potentially disruptive influences on our industry.

Many factors have the capacity to disrupt professional practice in BC, and this is especially true for consulting engineering. Off-shoring, the influence of AI and commoditizing professional practice are all serious threats that must be well understood by Council.

 4) Climate change and resilience is just starting to be addressed in practice.

The Council continues to face decisions regarding the degree to which the association can influence practice as it relates to addressing climate change, and managing the resilience of our critical infrastructure. Ensuring Council includes the technical competence to grapple with complex questions like this is important.

Now that you know what to think about, get out there and vote!

Head over to to view the candidates and make your choice. And if you happen to know one of the nominees, don’t forget to thank them for their service – they will really appreciate it!



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