Opinion: Bridging the divide between two B.C.s

Friday, July 14, 2017

The outcome of B.C.’s latest election has raised a number of interesting considerations. One of the most critical issues appears to be the emergence of two political solitudes in B.C.: an urban electorate concerned with social and environmental issues and a rural electorate supportive of resource-based activities.

Regrettably, the way this has been portrayed by many is an “either/or” choice.  Across Canada, we have seen political parties of all stripes pander to this mutually exclusive decision; either throw full party support behind a resource-based industry or choose the environment. On paper, there has been no room for middle ground.

In reality, given B.C.’s economy, geography and people, it has become essential that we find effective ways to resolve this standoff, and it must happen now. B.C. will not prosper unless we figure out a sustainable way forward to balance economic growth with environmentally conscious policy. If not, our economy, which remains No. 1 in Canada, will be consigned to years of instability as we slip from the top spot. Click here to read the full article.



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