On the Quest for QBS

ACEC-BC strives to promote and encourage the public and private sectors to use bidding processes that are fair, open and transparent. For the purpose of procuring design services, ACEC-BC suggests that Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) t is the most effective method.

In order to drive our message forward, ACEC-BC has developed an introductory video (below). Aware that procurement issues are important topics across the country, we reached out to our provincial and territorial consulting engineering associations, as well as our national organization and asked for their support in the project. We are proud to confirm the involvement of fourteen champion organizations, including ACEC-Canada (national organization), consulting engineering associations from ten provinces and two territories and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC.

With this unity, ACEC-BC has been able to move forward with the next phase in our quest for QBS: to create a website to bring together in one convenient location QBS-related information (visit Even though QBS has been used in Ontario, Alberta and just recently legislated in Quebec, the Canadian experience is not well documented. ACEC-BC wants to fill this void and ensure procurement officials and consulting engineers have the tools, materials and knowledge to pursue QBS with confidence and success.

If you have questions about Qualifications Based Selection, please contact the ACEC-BC ( and we would be pleased to discuss this matter with you. 


Meet Quentin, our Project Hero!

Watch our video to find out how Quentin found the most qualified consultant for his project!

Are you an ACEC-BC Member and are looking to promote QBS on your website? Contact the ACEC-BC office for this video's original file and you can share Quentin's QBS experience with your network!